Working around a Pandemic

Covid 19 has been cruel in so many ways.  The terribly sad loss of life, followed by lockdowns, isolation and economic hardship.   The true impact, only to be fully realised in the years ahead.

Extended lock down has been hard on all.  For those already living in abusive relationships, things becoming intolerable, without any way of escape.  Immediate support and therapeutic intervention was needed, however providing it was going to prove tricky.

Our existing Koru family’s would be needing us more than ever, along with many new ‘families’ wishing to connect with us for help.  So we looked into and devised a safe working practice that could be closely monitored & maintained.

We devised our own Covid measures in order to continue in our role as key workers.


The KORU Project is a Key Organisation recognised by Dorset Council that continues to serve the community during the COVID Pandemic making ourselves available for the most vulnerable children and families who need support. We work both social distanced at Longmead Community Farm  and other open spaces and therapeutically online.

To ensure the safety of both our therapists and clients the we add further disinfection measures to the cleaning operation both therapist and cleaners undertake in preparation for each new therapy session, based on government and industry guidelines.

As well as disinfecting all hard surfaces such as light switches and drawer handles, and all cutlery, crockery, and utensils, we disinfected fabrics where these cannot be changed each week (on soft furnishings, and therapy materials for example).

Where possible we work outside or in open well ventilated rooms with face masks where appropriate and washing hands and sanitiser to minimise the risk of either transmitting or contracting infection.

The therapy team made extra effort to prepare to keep clients safe working on line and took part  in online training for therapy. Online therapeutic working holds an additional intensity and focus to make sure that clients are safe.

We have constant clear communication  with therapist and families making sure sessions are postponed for social distancing if any person from either party shows symptoms of illness.