Gabi Reilly

Arts Therapist

Gabi Reilly

A little more about Gabi:

As an integrative arts psychotherapist Gabi has worked for 10 years with adults, young people and children in a variety of settings, she is passionate about her work and being able to support change in who come to her for therapy.

Gabi has worked for Koru for the past 2 years and  a student at the Metanoia Institute, London where she is studying an MSC in Gestalt Psychotherapy.

As a therapist working in community and school settings this has enabled her to gain a rich experience in her practice with children and young people who have been excluded and / or cannot manage main stream school.

They struggle with social, emotional and emerging mental health needs.  A great deal of her practice has been with children and young people are adopted,or fostered. Further, they frequently have histories of trauma, abuse and attachment difficulties.

Currently working with adults in an acute mental health in-patient NHS setting where they have presentations such as psychosis, emotionally unstable personality disorder, bipolar and schizophrenia and sees adult clients in her private practice for gestalt psychotherapy as part of her training.

Gabi’s works with those who have suffered trauma, abuse, attachment, anxiety, autism, adoption, mental health, sexual abuse, learning disabilities, ADHD, ADD, depressions, drugs and alcohol.

Working relationally she brings an open and warm approach to her work.