Yolande Anastasi

Dramatherapist, Consultant & Trainer

A little more about Yolande:

Since graduating as a Dramatherapist from Roehampton Institute in 1999, she has worked clinically with both adults and children in psychiatric day hospital, family services unit, domestic violence unit, schools and private practice.

Yolande developed and facilitated a series of training workshops at a London based children’s charity, Kids Company, for 15 years, which supported students on placements with children.

These trainings were rooted in attachment theory, and promoted the use of all the arts in therapy.

Yolande has a passion for delivering experiential trainings in Trauma and Attachment to programmes such as Athyrma, a Drama and Play Therapy institute in Athens and Terapia, a Child and adolescent Psychotherapy MA training in London.

She has been supervising clinical work for individuals, groups & organisations for over 15 years and is currently co-facilitating the diploma in Supervision at Terapia.

She has been involved with Koru as a supervisor, consultant and soon to be doing Reflective Practice for their Emotional Wellbeing for Mentors.