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Private Counselling & Therapy Dorset

Fully Qualified Therapist


Andrea Moran (Cronin) BA, PGCE, PGDip HCPC

Private Therapeutic Practice in Dorset.  Therapist, Arts Therapies & Counselling

“Underpinned by my own personal life journey what I have learned through my own struggles, difficulties, joys how I have overcome, healed, found peace and continue that journey to healing and wholeness and living life to the full.

I believe passionately that each person can find healing hope and peace from pain struggle and difficulties, breaking cycles of pain that run through generations within families.”

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Private Counselling & Therapy Dorset

Arts Therapist Dorset

I use psychological methods, based on regular personal interaction, enabling you to be heard, gain understanding of self and overcome difficulties in desired ways. I also have myriad of powerful creative techniques working with art, film, story, the body or just simple being and talking, whatever methods you feel comfortable with.


Thus improving your sense of well being, enjoying the beauty and richness of life increasing mental, physical health, improving relationship with self & others & developing social skills.


I have lived and worked in London, New Zealand, India, Philippines, Kosovo enriching my Continued Proffessional Development, along with seeing therapeutic approaches applied, along with experiencing their healing outcomes. The experience of working with people who have suffered through war, children living on the street, CAMHS, school refusers, NHS people with personality disorders, young people involved in gun and knife crime.  Health & Care Professions Council – Regulating health, psychological and social work professionals (HCPC – Arts Therapist)

Private Counselling & Therapy Dorset has resulted from the demand for my expertise through my professional involvement in major local government initiatives.

How I can help you

I offer individual Therapy (Talking, and or Arts & Creative Therapy), for Depression, Anxiety, Fear, Hopelessness, Relationships, Bereavement, Loss, Lack of self worth & value, abuse, (sexual, financial, emotional, mental, psychological, spiritual), domestic violence, Exploring relationship with self and others, exploring personal peace, life changes, dreams & goals.

If you would like to find out more about Private Counselling & Therapy Dorset, please do arrange an appointment for an initial introduction session.

If you feel you can work with the therapist and vice versa then an agreement can be made between client and therapist as to the further work to be set in motion.

Weekly ‘Skype’ counselling for clients who are unable to access therapy in person due to distance, mobility, financial difficulties.

We take on private referrals for individual clients, do an initial assessment, and advise on the most appropriate form of therapy.

I have experience working with a variety of clients including those with complex histories. I have worked with individuals in a family services unit, schools and private practice.

Where necessary, I work as part of a multi-disciplinary team. I liaise with outside agencies including Social Services and Community Mental Health Teams.

Our staff team have experience in a variety of settings including NHS – psychiatric day hospitals, psychotherapy Day Programme for women diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, CAMHS NHS, Schools primary & secondary and private practice, Children Homes

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