Referral Information:

Who can refer young people to KORU?

Children and young people can be referred KORU through the following agencies:

  • Looked After Children, Virtual School Education Team
  • Children and Families
  • Schools
  • Learning Centres
  • Youth Offending Teams YOT, YISP, YOI
  • Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services CAMHS

Can a young person be referred to KORU for therapy if they are already receiving therapy from another source?

  • No, because it becomes very confusing for the young person. It is only in rare circumstances that exceptions may be made.
  • No, because it is also a waste of resources.

Is it helpful to have open communication about the young person between social worker / partner agencies and the dramatherapist?

  • Yes, a young person is referred through the direction and guidance of the lead professional (the social worker). Permission and working agreements are established.  
  • Confidentiality is integral and it is only with the knowledge and consent of the young person that important information can be shared which seeks to help the young person.
  • Yes, the Dramatherapist is invited by social workers to care plan meetings for each young person.

What if the social workers and referring agencies have any questions or concerns about the young people?

The success of KORU lies in the multi agency approach. Team work and communication are integral, please express any concerns directly to the dramatherapist working with the young person.

Dramatherapy as with any therapy can stir up painful feelings and sometimes make the young person feel worse at timesduring the therapeutic process. It is important that all those involved with the young person act confidently and calmly to help the young person feel held and contained.

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