This is what the young people are saying:

“Andrea is a fantastic teacher and advocate. I was privileged to have been a youngster whose life she made an impression upon. Whether it be a confidante or just a release. She showed me how to be patient and how to ‘cope’ with my never ending problems. If I got the chance to promote KORU myself, I would be honoured. 5 stars through and through.”

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Lauren Clarke

‘I get things off my chest here at Koru’

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Young Person 5

‘When you find someone you trust you tell them things and it helps’

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Young Person 4

‘Music makes me sane, it takes away all the pain, it’s like water dripping down the drain’

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Young Person 3

‘It’s a relief because I can put my feelings somewhere out of myself, they are not inside me anymore…’

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Young Person 2

‘KORU has helped me inside and out’

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Young Person1

What partner agencies are saying:

The Koru training in our school has really had an impact on helping staff respond supportively to children and young people with complex needs. Staff now have a range of strategies to help our pupils regulate their emotions more appropriately and understand pupils with complex attachment disorders. Thank you Koru for your bespoke training and support.

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Simon Burt

“This approach has had transformational positive effects on young people where other interventions hadn’t worked. A wonderful team who are dedicated to supporting some of the most vulnerable young people.”

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Dan Baker

‘Koru is very responsive; child sensitive and child friendly; able to adapt absolutely to the needs of the young people; realistic but positive about outcomes; knowledgeable; experienced; total flexibility’ 

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David Alderson – Head of Virtual School Team

Young people being able to explore their hurts and pains often for the first time in a safe setting.  Most of the clients we refer are emotionally battered and the fact that they have engaged in sessions demonstrates the value that they place on the support.’

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Mark Hill, Manager Youth Offending Team

‘KORU delivers a rapid referral service and flexibility.  In essence my sense is that KORU often reaches young people who would not or could not access support through other services.’

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‘The Koru Project is very valuable; it fills a gap in Dorset’s provision. There is no alternative agency available. It overlaps with CAMHS (and works in close cooperation when relevant), but provides a significantly different service. It has a hugely beneficial effect on our vulnerable children, particularly for children in care’.

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Phil Parker Head of Virtual School Team

‘x (a young person) was in such a desperate situation and not engaging in anything that a variety of professionals were all sitting around the table wondering what to do to help him. Young people who are not engaging in any activities we have seen too often increase in self harm and criminal activity because of their suffering, compounded by a deep lack of self worth and value. KORU is making a difference; some of the young people have had 96% attendance and are now focusing back into their education.

We are constantly inspired by the courage and dignity expressed by vulnerable children and young people in the face of overwhelming challenges past and present The Koru project team endeavors to act as a bridge for young people to move on to continued positive engaging educational activities.