The Koru Heart

At the heart of Koru is a passionate belief that there is hope for all of us for healing, transformation and change.

The strong relationships between our therapists and the young people who come to us, enables them over time to form roots, to grow, to ignite the embers of creative passions and give them the confidence to explore them, empowering them to recognise they can choose to grow and heal.

Koru believes, just like the African philosophy of Ubuntu “I am because we are”, we have a collective responsibility for the members of our community. If someone goes to prison, instead of blaming them for their individual weakness, we need to ask ourselves “How have we failed this person as a community?”

Each of the therapists at Koru have been through our own therapy journey of deep self-reflection and exploration of our vulnerabilities giving way to a genuine compassion and authenticity.  As wounded healers we are able to meet each young person from a place of unconditional love where blame, ‘not enoughs’ and judgement are left outside the door.  (Why not check out our Meet The Team page with all our Creative Arts Therapists).

Arts workshop with children from very poor communities in Cebu Philippines

For the Koru therapists this is not just a job, there is a genuine love for this inner work, to heal ourselves and to empower others to heal through creative pathways, be it art, drama, cooking, clowning, rapping or music. With patience blowing on the embers of each individual, until something ignites, lighting up hope to become who they want to be, rather than being defined by a problem.

As Rumi says, ‘Keep your gaze on the bandaged place.  That’s where the light enters you.’

Koru doesn’t wave goodbye to those who pass through its programmes.  There is ongoing connection, support and interest in the lives of these young people.  We empower them to believe in themselves, to go on and thrive far beyond their time with us.