What does KORU do?


  • The project aims to offer a dynamic therapeutic experience through drama and the arts for young people who are unable to use talking therapies. Koru works in close communication with CAMHS Dorset.
  • The project offers a mentoring service for young people. The project aims to build self-esteem & confidence re-engaging young people with education and positive activities.

Koru performance1

Individual Dramatherapy

We use images and metaphors allowing a safe exploration of experiences, feelings and thoughts. Words, objects, art, drawing, painting, clay, games, street dance, movement, storytelling and creation, voice work, music, Rapp, singing, drama, exhibitions, and performance. Young people can therefore explore different aspects of self, in relation to a situation or circumstance.

Dynamic Drama Group Work

Group work enables young people within a group to actively engage in understanding themselves, their behaviour, attitudes and barriers to learning, empowering them to make effective change. This approach encourages empathy, team work and co-operation.


Arts Therapy Groups for Women


Cultivating self-compassion & authenticity – Letting go of self-doubt building a sense of hope and vision for the future. Suitable for women who have suffered domestic violence.

The project aims to empower the clients by developing their skills and self-esteem, encouraging them to maximise their strengths, gain qualifications and break the cycle of disadvantage for themselves and their communities. The project is underpinned by the principles of the ‘Arts for empowerment, understanding and change’.

The relationship of the Dramatherapists / Arts Practitioners with the children and young people is integral to the success of the work; it involves trust, love, respect, dignity and empathy. Attachment can be fostered between children and trusted adults with sincerity and commitment. The support we offer is tailored to the needs of each individual child.

Koru mentors


KORU mentors are wholehearted people who build a positive relationship with the young people, offering practical knowledge, psychosocial support, encouragement and practical support to encourage young people onto positive activities, education, work, career over a sustained period of time. This is not therapy but it will have healing outcomes.

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